Kirpal SINGH

Director, Wee Kim Wee Center (2008-present)

In recent years Creativity Guru and poet Dr Kirpal Singh has come to be regarded as one of the world's sharpest Futurists, charting territories yet uncharted but certain to materialize in the not-too-distant futures. Dr Singh believes that thinking of the future in the singular sense is no longer going to hold because the Future will be made up of several futures, distinct, parallel and co-existent. Dr Singh is the Director of the presidential Wee Kim Wee Centre at the Singapore Management University where he also teaches. Dr Singh has published more than 30 books and over 150 scholarly articles. He is a keenly sought-after Keynote Speaker on a variety of subjects/themes and has presented at numerous high-profile conferences and events. Major MNCs and government also consult him.

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